4 Secrets In Creating the Best Influencer Marketing Campaigns


Since the birth of advertising and marketing, brands have worked to couple their products with well-known personalities

One of the fastest ways to build trust, rapport, and credibility is to use an influencer. Nike’s decision to use Michael Jordan catapulted their brand.


The result is a case study in the best influencer marketing campaigns. Jordan hasn’t played pro basketball for nearly 15 years and he is still the top earner annually in marketing dollars.


Customers associate Nike with Jordan as a result. The excellence, personality, charisma, and legacy of championships are all from influencer marketing.

Digital campaigns allow your business the same benefit. Here’s how to make your efforts a success:


1. Consider Your Audience


One of the biggest keys to the best influencer marketing campaigns is research. Unless you know your brand and know your audience, the campaign is doomed.

Knowing your audience and ideal client is one of the best ways to decide on where to focus your marketing dollars.

Marketing experts like Red Bull associated their brand with extreme sports and auto racing from day one. This embedded ideas of speed, the edge, and enthusiasm with the brand.

Knowing your audience and their habits are the best ways to appeal to them.


2. Combine With Events


There is no reason to limit an influencer marketing campaign to a person. Why not couple the personality with events?

This way your influencer will be interacting with your product or service. You’ll get more mileage out of the influence.


3. Measure Measure Measure


Starting the best influencer marketing campaigns means having definitive goals. Are you looking to increase SEO? Site traffic?

All of the above? Unless a constant effort is made to measure results you won’t know how to tweak the campaign as required.


4. Protect Your Brand


Unless your company has a strong brand you are risking a price war on every level. In the digital age, customers can look up a commodity and find it cheaper elsewhere.

But if you have a brand you can build lasting relationships. The key to success is protecting the reputation of your brand at all costs.

Spell out guidelines for your influencers in product or service use and placement. Include guidelines to allow your company to get distance should disaster strike.

The good name of your brand is worth more than any influencer relationship. Make sure you monitor and protect the relationship and the brand.


An Integrated Approach to the Best Influencer Marketing Campaigns


Like every other aspect of digital marketing, influencer campaigns cannot stand alone. The best campaigns are a result of integrating content, social media, digital tools, and targeted marketing.

Unless you have the expert support of experienced digital marketing professionals it is nearly impossible to manage.

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