5 Digital Marketing Trends You Should Know About

In today’s business environment, it’s crucial to take advantage of digital marketing trends. Whilst physical forms of marketing are still important, your company will gain more traction if you’re tech-savvy. Digital marketing can provide you with quick to create campaigns resulting in maximum results.

We all know tech trends change constantly – the question is, how can you keep up?

Don’t panic – we’re here to teach you. We’ve covered 5 of the biggest trends in digital marketing right here. No effort, no guesswork – just execute.


It will come as no surprise that mobile is one of the biggest digital marketing trends of 2017. Mobile use is skyrocketing, and with consumers becoming more and more reliant on their devices for all aspects of life, it’s a marketing avenue with fantastic potential.

Did you know that the number of people strictly using mobile devices in the US has officially outnumbered those only using desktops?

It makes sense. Why wouldn’t we use the easily accessible tiny glowing screen in our pocket if it has all the same basic capabilities as a larger desktop?

To take advantage of everything mobile has to offer, make sure your site is mobile optimized and looks great on a smaller screen. There are 45 official screen sizes and each has both portrait and landscape to think about so that is 90 different sizes to take into consideration. With this in mind, we recommend you have a mobile responsive website that adapts to the size of the screen automatically rather than try to fit all of these into your design. Let’s face it if you did that there would be another screen size to think about before the end of the design process.

Social media

I know, I know, you get it: social media is important. It’s necessary for this day and age to use it to build your business, and you’ve already had to figure your way around your share of Facebook and Twitter pages.You’ve networked and shared and posted.

What’s new is using them to sell products. We’re not talking ad revenue here. This refers specifically to your products.

Facebook allows you to take advantage of their marketplace feature, and Instagram has become a fantastic portal to easily market your products with your #’s creating an instant marketing campaign pinged to mobile devices worldwide. Use this as a tool to both increase your follower count and showcase your product. Tie this in with connecting with “Influencers” to really start pushing your brand.  There is another amazing tool called seotoolscentre.com that can be useful to create better sentences for your website.

With the addition of video features such as Instagram Story, social media now allows you to share behind the scenes shots with your followers – not only can you grab attention and push your products, you can view exactly which users have viewed your content. This will help you gauge what your followers want to see more of and where best to invest your time creating content that potential customers want to engage with.

Content marketing

Content marketing is something of a strange beast. It’s a little more nebulous and less scientific than typical marketing techniques, but the effects are staggering.

Content marketing works by creating useful, relevant, and original content. It has to be related to your business, and it has to be valuable to the reader.

You also have to create a lot of it. Although this can be time-consuming, in theory, as you create more content, more people will read it. Therefore, your customer base will grow.


While there may be various social media distractions out there like Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr, there’s one leader of the pack: Facebook.

To truly take advantage of digital marketing, your business needs to be on Facebook. Facebook has become such an icon of modern culture that it means people almost instantly search for companies found on Google on the platform. This then raises a common question amongst potential clients – if you’re not on Facebook, are you legit? With this in mind, we recommend making Facebook a priority.

It’s brilliantly cost-effective. Most of its features are free, but those that require an investment are still very affordable. Not to mention it still offers you enough features to interact with your customers in whichever way they’re comfortable with.


It seems like it’s too easy to use data to drive your marketing decisions. It feels like there needs to be some kind of catch.

However, maybe the biggest digital marketing trend of 2017 is the focus on data-driven marketing. Businesses are focusing their efforts toward what calls them instead of working on a committed process of what “already works.” Using your analytical data to define who your customer is, how they are using your site and how you can convert them from visitors into fans of your brand.

For your business to succeed, make sure you’re an expert at interpreting data – or look into hiring an expert.

Digital marketing trends: essential to your business

Digital marketing techniques are key to the survival of your business. If you don’t adapt to a digital age, it’s easy for your business to be left behind.

Don’t let that happen! Jump on social media! Dust off your Facebook! Make sure you’re gathering enough data to analyse and do it properly.

Questions about digital marketing and how to pull it off effectively? We’re happy to handle it.

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