5 Tips To Improve Your Inbound Marketing Campaign

Inbound marketing — we hear this phrase everywhere nowadays, but what is it? And, how can you improve your Content Marketing

This type of marketing uses certain tactics such as content marketing, social media, and SEO to draw in the potential customer while gaining interest. It’s not about getting the customer to buy right away but rather securing their trust first and business second. 

Every company that wants to make a difference while enhancing their mobile presence needs an inbound marketing campaign. If you don’t have one, it’s about time to get started with Stuart Kerrs can boost your business

With the right inbound campaign and strategies, you can attract and build audiences you never thought possible. Now let’s discuss how to get there.

Here are the 5 top tips from AMW Digital that you need to improve your inbound marketing campaign.

  1. Blog for the right reasons

Too many companies create blogs just to throw around relevant keywords and create illusions of a high quantity of content. Don’t fall into this trap – you want to be sure your blog’s main purpose is to provide relevant content to your audience. 

Your company should be creating blog posts about questions your audience may have and that relate to their goals and interests. Let them learn from you, and get them returning time and time again.

Your inbound marketing campaign starts with a company blog that you can share in multiple places. So, make sure you are creating content for the right reasons. 

  1. Be social on social media 

Social media is named with social in it for a reason. Using your platforms to interact and build relationships with your current and prospective customers is key. 

Start by defining what platforms your target audience interacts with the most and focus on those. Then, find out what your audience wants to learn about and create content centred around their needs. 

Always respond to customer questions and inquiries and follow up someone’s tweet with a response to your blog article. Grab that interest and turn it into web traffic. Use a creative medium, contact a video animation company to help you increase website views and customers.

When you do this, you’ll build relationships with your audience over time that will evolve into your customer base. Check out this site if you’re looking for the best local service ads for law firms.

  1. Videos take your inbound marketing campaign to the next level

You’ve probably heard that video is the hottest type of content out there but too many businesses don’t take advantage of it. 

Your inbound marketing campaign starts with quality, interesting content and there’s no better to way to portray this than through video

Try creating testimonial videos, webinars, how to’s, or even a video that shows what your company culture is like. 

Whatever it may be, they allow you to build an emotional and deeper connection with your customer base. People love to see the faces and processes behind the brand, and tinkering with the new online video editor might get you a viral video out of it, you never know!

  1. Optimise your conversion path

We don’t want to forget that the whole point of an inbound marketing campaign is to build a customer base through leads and eventually sales. 

Through the process of building these relationships, you want to be sure you are optimising the conversion process the whole time. 

So when a user clicks on your landing page, it should ask for the customer’s information simply. The next step would be bringing them to a thank you page and then implementing a call to action. 

Not only do you want to be sure these are designed and laid out in the best way possible, you want to be able to measure how far your customer goes within your sales funnel. 

  1. Don’t forget about email just yet

Last, not least, we don’t want to forget about email marketing just yet. While it may seem a bit tacky and old school, email is still crucial to your inbound marketing campaign. 

In order to bring your email marketing campaign into 2017, it’s all about sending out the right content, at the right time. 

Don’t make your audience regret signing up for your email list – give them interesting and valuable content. This could be promotions, case studies, or a personalised note.

The focus should always be on quality over quantity.

If you’re ready to boost your business to the next step, it’s time to improve your inbound marketing campaign with these tips. 

Remember not to get discouraged. It’ll take time and effort to get there, but inbound marketing pays off in the long-run with brand loyal customers and an increased ROI. 

Inbound marketing is the way of the future. If your company needs assistance with creating and executing your campaign, contact us and let us help you grow your business through inbound marketing and SEO

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