Big Buck Bunny in the house!!!

Big-Buck-BunnyWhen we were looking for design ideas for this site we came across some methods of having video included in the site that we were very excited about. Whenever we come across something funky we are officially like kids with new toys. Hence this site was put together pretty quick using the new methods that we had discovered and we hope you agree, it is looking pretty darn funky?

Well it wouldn’t be possible without the big man himself on animation “Big Buck Bunny” ( We take no credit for Big Buck Bunny but we do give them a massive shout out due to the project being open source and completely free to edit and use on the site as much as anyone likes.

So a massive thank you from us to the team at Big Buck Bunny for allowing us to use the video. We hope you enjoy the full version of it below and take the great pleasure in watching right through to the end, it has a very amusing finish.


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