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FOMO = Fear of Missing Out

It’s All About The #Fomo

By Steve Hooper | Oct 21, 2017

If you’ve opened this post and searched for what on earth FOMO means, you’ve probably done so on your smartphone. You might even have asked Siri or Alexa to find out for you. We are living in a totally immersive digital world, and FOMO is just one of the ever-growing acronyms used by Generation Z,…

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affordable seo

5 Affordable SEO Tips For Your Business

By Steve Hooper | Oct 11, 2017

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is a powerful way to boost business. What happens if you just don’t have the budget to launch a full-scope SEO strategy? Does it mean you can’t do anything to increase your website traffic? No. There’s plenty you can do. In fact, we’ve put together this handy list of 5 affordable…

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Search- Seo

PPC vs SEO: Which One Is Right For Your Business?

By Steve Hooper | Sep 25, 2017

Properly marketing your business online is an extremely important part of owning a business. There are endless options out there for executing this, with two key players being PPC and SEO. Feeling confused? Don’t worry –  there are some seriously helpful companies out there that can help you out with both. What exactly are PPC…

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Inbound Marketing Campaign

5 Tips To Improve Your Inbound Marketing Campaign

By Steve Hooper | Sep 13, 2017

Inbound marketing — we hear this phrase everywhere nowadays, but what is it? And, how can you improve your inbound marketing campaign? This type of marketing uses certain tactics such as content marketing, social media, and SEO to draw in the potential customer while gaining interest. It’s not about getting the customer to buy right…

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Google Reviews

How Google Reviews Can Affect Your SEO

By Steve Hooper | Sep 4, 2017

Search engine optimization or SEO depends on more than your website content. Search engines are listening to customer input. Search engines are paying attention to what others say about your company. Due to this, Google reviews tend to have a much bigger impact on search engine optimization. One study found that, out of more than…

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digital marketing trends

5 Digital Marketing Trends You Should Know About

By Steve Hooper | Aug 21, 2017

In today’s business environment, it’s crucial to take advantage of digital marketing trends. Whilst physical forms of marketing are still important, your company will gain more traction if you’re tech-savvy. Digital marketing can provide you with quick to create campaigns resulting in maximum results. We all know tech trends change constantly – the question is,…

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buy website traffic

Should I Buy Website Traffic For My Business?

By Steve Hooper | Aug 8, 2017

In a single year, the Internet is responsible for more than $2.2 trillion worth of sales. However, with over 1.18 billion websites to choose from, how can you ensure that people end up on your website rather than a competitor’s?  With all the competition, getting website traffic can sometimes be a challenge.  In this post,…

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Social Media Trends That Can Help Your Business

By Steve Hooper | Aug 1, 2017

Do you ever wonder how the latest social media trends influence your business? Facebook is about to hit two billion monthly active users. That’s a crazy amount of potential customers ready and waiting to find you. More than 25 percent of all retail website referral traffic comes from Pinterest. This social media platform is home…

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digital marketing services

The Importance of Facebook in Digital Marketing Services

By Steve Hooper | Jun 25, 2017

Small businesses are using digital marketing services at a very high level. Some companies even exist and market solely online, without any television or print advertising. The most important aspect of being successful in digital marketing is choosing the right platforms and tools. Facebook is among the most important and popular platforms. By 2016, the…

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