Casa Lola Designs

Casa Lola Designs

When a brand new start-up, Casa Lola, came to us for help building their first website, we couldn’t wait to get started. Originally set up as an Etsy based design store, Casa Lola wanted to expand to have their very own e-commerce website to take control of their sales and conversions.

Know More

The business is a Lifestyle Brand that is predominantly product based and with a wide range of products needing to be listed online, the e-commerce platform of Shopify was the natural selection for building a show-stopping website designed to captivate and convert.

After our in-depth analysis of Casa Lola’s Customer Value Journey we knew all of the steps needed to be taken to ensure the brand stood out in a saturated online marketplace with their strong branding shining through at the heart of their website development.

A positive and simple user experience was key to the successful development of the website, with clear and concise checkout features increasing conversion rates continually.

Next stage

The next stage for the company will be to grow the e-commerce website to broaden their product ranges and catalogue, and along with their ongoing SiteGeek SEO campaign we are expecting to see a very positive continual growth for the company and we’re so glad to be part of their journey.