How to Create Consistently Captivating Blog Content

Constantly churning out blog content can become repetitive. But if you’ve hit a wall when it comes to creating fresh, engaging material, there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

The good news is that you don’t have to produce masses of posts to keep up a healthy content marketing strategy. In fact, less can be more.

Overwhelming your site visitors with a huge number of new posts can be detrimental to you or your brand. It’s better to keep things focused and concentrate on a topic you’re an expert in.

This way, people will return to your site to learn more from you and your blog content.

Make Blog Content Visual

Imagery and pictures are far more engaging, attractive and enticing. So make sure your blogs include these things.

Rather than walls of text, readers want something to split up the words and keep their mind engaged.

This is easy to do. Source images that you’re allowed to publish alongside your blog content and pepper the text with these. Keep them colourful and relevant. Make sure they don’t crowd the page but that readers still want to keep reading.

Depending on the content, some blog posts can be image-themed, and formatted in a more photo-focused way.

A way to generate more clicks and views is to include a slideshow or a gallery in your post.

Imagery doesn’t need to be static either. Video content can be just as useful. YouTube can be used for this, or you can upload content via Instagram and Facebook.

Less is More

Don’t overcrowd your site with too much blog content.

It’s better to generate informative, less-frequent posts that people will come away from feeling educated. This will then draw them back to whatever post you’ve got planned next.

Keep them returning to your site for more by ensuring you’re uploading fresh blogs frequently. Make sure it’s consistent but not too often.

Hand Over the Reigns

Don’t be afraid to allow some fresh creativity onto your site by involving external voices now and again.

By collaborating with experts in your field your readers are able to hear things from a fresh writer – which keeps their interest peaked.

This also has the potential to have your blog read by twice as many people. Your contributing writer will surely want to share their work with their own audience and social media followers.

As a result, you’ll have even more views and gather new followers yourself.

Long-form Content

Long-form blog content is a proven way of increasing user engagement on your site.

This tends to mean an article will be over 1200 words. Again, this is a method that looks at informative, lengthier posts and means you don’t need to produce hundreds of posts a month.

Long-form content helps your site rank higher in search engine results and will drive more organic traffic than your competitors.

In addition, if you don’t acquire any backlinks for your long-form article, it will reach out to other similar bloggers who should hopefully link to it.

In addition, blog posts with more than 2500 words in them garner most backlinks naturally.

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