What Should You Expect in A Professional SEO Manager?

With roughly 950 million websites on the internet, all types of businesses around the world are guaranteed to face tougher competition. That’s why many of these companies turn to a professional SEO manager to assist them.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is such a crucial component of marketing strategies. That’s why companies often outsource this type of work to more qualified, specialized consultants, hoping they will bring more traffic to their sites.

But let’s look past the general terms of “more traffic” and “better brand recognition.” What should you specifically expect from a true SEO professional? What makes them such a preferred commodity these days?

Read on to learn what you should be looking for if you plan on hiring a professional SEO manager for your business.

The Role of a Professional SEO Manager

So what exactly is the role of a professional SEO manager and how SEO works? Essentially, you are a marketing manager with a specific focus on SEO. You examine, assess, and improve the effectiveness of a business’ website.

In this position, an seo thailand manager will help create and schedule web content that will be published on a regular basis. They will also establish a loyal online community for the site and grow and reinforce that loyalty through backlinks.

Additionally, SEO managers plan, coordinate, and run marketing campaigns. They also analyze the positive or negative results of these campaigns after they have concluded in order to measure whether or not they were effective.

Lastly, these managers specialize in particular areas, such as keyword research, market analysis, and content optimization.

Background and Experience: What to Look For

Respected SEO managers need to be skilled in two main areas: online marketing and search engine optimization.

Very few colleges and universities around the world offer SEO-focused fields of study. Therefore, it is recommended that businesses look for candidates with education or experience in marketing, business, or computer science.

These three fields are already very populated industries. In the coming years, they are expected to expand even more.

For example, in the United States, employment in the computer science and marketing fields is predicted to grow by 19% and 9%, respectively, over the next decade.

Also, as mentioned above, potential hires who already have a stronger familiarity with keyword research and market analysis should be top-of-the-list candidates.

Lastly, a true “professional” should possess an impressive portfolio of previously completed projects. They should also have a list of clients that can and will recommend their work.

Going Forward

Keep all of these factors in mind if you are considering hiring a professional SEO manager for your business.

While many businesses like to keep all of their work in-house, sometimes it’s necessary to look outside of your company to find the right candidate.

Hiring an experienced SEO expert could have a major impact on your website and draw in more traffic than you could have ever anticipated. To stay updated on the latest strategies and trends in SEO, consider attending an SEO Conference in the US to further enhance your website’s visibility and performance.

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