It’s All About The #Fomo

If you’ve opened this post and searched for what on earth FOMO means, you’ve probably done so on your smartphone. You might even have asked Siri or Alexa to find out for you.

We are living in a totally immersive digital world, and FOMO is just one of the ever-growing acronyms used by Generation Z, and it’s something digital marketers are harnessing the power of for 2018.

What is FOMO?

FOMO is the acronym for “Fear Of Missing Out”, and plays on the marketing strategy of flash sales, competitive purchasing and ephemeral content.

How can I use FOMO digital marketing for my brand?

2017 has seen the rise of vanishing marketing, and whilst it may seem a scary concept watching your hard work disappear after just 24 hours, it is a tool that is set to be a key trend in the marketing world in 2018.

With Apps that favour ephemeral content such as Snapchat growing in popularity and popular Social Media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook introducing 24-hour “Stories”, the use of the short-lived content is helping to grow organic reach.

Potential customers are favouring non-traditional marketing posts, and if your products are aimed at Millennials in any way, shape or form, it’s said that a whopping 84% don’t trust traditional advertising methods.

Short-lived content is digested as more authentic by viewers in comparison to paid for ads, or sponsored posts on the Facebook platform, and with the content being lost within hours, the sense of FOMO kicks in.

Users are more likely to share instantly with friends and across social media platforms, spreading the word to view the content, and ultimately follow the call to action that has been marketed quicker.

The most important aspect of this approach to digital marketing is that it grabs instant attention – something that isn’t easy to come by in a crowded digital world.

Ok, you’ve got my attention. So what can I share that will engage potential customers?

People love to see a face behind the brand. Why not share a “day in the life” of the office Apprentice, or have a “take your dog to work day” and share the outcome. Potential customers like to see there is passion behind a brand they buy into, and getting to know who they are buying from is a great way to start increasing your brand impact.

You could share your brand story, an update a day about the journey your business has taken to reach the point you are at today.

Got special offers? Plug a promo video for them. Got a new product? Launch it via a social media app with a limited time post. That’ll really get the FOMO going and boost a new product with instant sales.

After all, everyone wants what their friends can’t get their hands on, don’t they?

How can SiteGeek help me?

We work hard to keep our fingers on the pulse with upcoming trends for all areas of digital marketing and understand how key a strong social media marketing strategy is for brand success.

Call us today to discuss our Social Content Creation packages on: 0330 122 7465.

Don’t fancy a phone chat? That’s ok! You can email us too over at and we’ll send over all the details hot off the press.

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