The Morilee brand is a global one that has a presence around the world. The UK website was in desperate need of a redesign and restructure. There was also a need to redesign within the branding and design of the USA website.

The project brief was to reduce the number of hours spent on the administration of the site and the requirement to have different languages and different layouts and designs.

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Being lead by the USA site design and structure, WooCommerce in catalogue mode was chosen as the software of choice. In its natural state WooCommerce doesn’t handle WordPress Multisite very well, however with a plugin and installing WooCommerce Multisite and some hard configuration we were able to ensure that the product administration was kept to a minimal amount.

With over one thousand products and between three and seven images per product the configuration of the site from a setup and administration point of view was essential to get right. The site also needed to load quickly and have a unique search function that worked across all of the different sites.

We created a Woocommerce Multisite website with a central administration area that allows for stockists and products to be managed from a single location. This reduces the overheads for the clients administration.

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The site was made SEO friendly and mobile responsive to allow for better rankings in search, and with a load time of less than 2 seconds, the site has improved in ranking for major search phrases increasing their search traffic by over 25% year on year.