Why You Need to Use Smart Web Design to Increase SEO Benefits

When trying to increase SEO benefits, most businesses try many different things. These include implementing keywords, link building, being active on social media, and more.

Unfortunately, web design is often overlooked. But it’s one of the best ways to increase your SEO benefits and improve customer experience.

How Better Web Design Increases SEO Benefits

Your website could be one of the most attractive, professional, and easy-to-use websites your visitors have ever seen. But how do you make sure people will actually visit?

Imagine SEO as a spider. One leg is content, another is social media. There’s a leg for links, a leg for keywords, and so on.

Your web design is the body of this spider. If you fail to use smart web design, you can add as much new, relevant content as you like but your website won’t be in the top search results.

How to Implement Smart Web Design

When you’re thinking about smart web design, it’s important to remember that algorithms are continually changing. If you can keep up with these changes, you’ll be able to push your business further up in the search results. This allows you to reach customers who would otherwise have clicked onto another website.

Here are some ways you can use smart web design to gain SEO benefits:

Think About Images

Your images need to be optimized for search algorithms. The best way to do this is by alt-tagging every image on your site. This gives the search engines additional information as they’re crawling your site.

You also need to consider your image sizes. If your images are too big, your page load times will slow down. This negatively affects your ranking, so be sure to make your images as small as you can get away with.

Update Regularly

Google is all about providing users with useful information. That’s why up-to-date information is always prioritized over websites that continue to remain stagnant.

According to the SEO company of The Drug Rehab Agency, regularly updating your content can give you many SEO benefits, allowing you to incorporate the keywords you hope to rank for. It also helps visitors learn more about your company.

Think About Mobile Visitors

More Americans are searching Google with their mobile devices than their PCs. That’s why it’s crucial that your website is mobile responsive. Not only are you less likely to have visitors sticking around if your site is stuck in the dark ages, but your ranking will be impacted too.

Sites that aren’t mobile friendly are penalized by Google, so if you haven’t yet switched to a responsive design, now is the time to get it done.

Make it Fast – Google’s Watching

Even the most usable, attractive site won’t do well if it has slow page load times.

Not only do customers have shorter-than-ever attention spans, but Google makes a point of penalizing sites that load slowly.

Use a page speed check to see where you can make improvements. Remove any plugins you’re not using, and check the elements built into your website like social sharing buttons and JavaScript.

These are just a few of the ways you can use smart web design to increase SEO benefits. For more information, or to let the experts handle it, get in touch today.

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