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PPC vs SEO: Which One Is Right For Your Business?

Properly marketing your business online is an extremely important part of owning a business. There are endless options out there for executing this, with two key players being PPC and SEO. Feeling confused? Don’t worry –  there are some seriously helpful companies out there that can help you out with both.

What exactly are PPC and SEO? Which one is right for your business? We put together a guide to understanding the differences between these two forms of online marketing and how to pick the right one.

Check out our informative guide to PPC vs SEO below!

What Is PPC?

Pay Per Click, also known as PPC, is a type of Internet-based marketing model.

PPC directs internet traffic to specific websites. A business or hired advertiser will pay a publisher when a specific ad is clicked on.

These publishers typically include website owners or networks.

Along with ads, businesses and advertisers will bid on keywords related to their target audience. Content creating sites will typically charge a set rate as opposed to bidding.

PPC is considered easy to abuse, and search engines like Google have algorithms to protect against PPC fraud from business competitors. However, investing in PPC is a good way to get your business the visibility it needs.

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the natural version of PPC.

Where PPC is a paid advertising service, SEO is considered the organic process of getting traffic.

SEO is relatively simple and can be explained in three easy steps:

  • Write interesting content that will attract target markets using keywords relating to a specific demographic or need,
  • Facilitate sharing and social media links to get more people to view the content
  • … and repeat!

An SEO company will typically hire writers to create ideal content for partnered blogs or websites. The content will feature keywords and links to a particular business.

Choosing The Right Option For Your Business – PPC vs SEO

As well as getting online reviews and email leads, PPC and SEO will be vital additions to your marketing plan.

However, most businesses just need to focus on PPC or SEO, rather than both combined.

When to choose PPC:

  • You need leads immediately.
  • Your business or website is not specifically content-rich or does not involve content.
  • You really need to be at the top of search results. If you have a niche, this isn’t necessary as your SEO will naturally help you be seen. If you’re a business in a very saturated industry, this is likely to be necessary.

When to choose SEO:

  • You need consistency with your leads. PPC allows for a steady income of leads, but once your budget runs out those leads will stop. SEO is a more consistent, without budget constraints.
  • Your website or business is very content-oriented.
  • You want to be the lead authority in your particular niche.

In the end, you might find your business has qualities that would benefit from both SEO and PPC. Every business has its unique qualities and a dual campaign can sometimes give you a great standing for your digital marketing campaign.

There’s nothing wrong with that– the best choice would be to test the waters with both forms of marketing and work out which works best for you.

Did you enjoy our guide to PPC and SEO? Tell us what you think in the comments sections below!

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