Rachel Simpson Shoes

Rachel Simpson Shoes

We have been working with Rachel Simpson for over 7 years in one capacity or another. When the need for an urgent replatform came to light in June 2018 we were happy to step in and help.

The business is predominantly wedding shoes and commerce but there are other aspects of the business that needed to be taken into consideration. We find a lot of the time many web design and development companies just help with the website, however, we like to make sure our customers have a solution that works with the whole business.

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We met with the whole team to find out what processes, what requirements and what systems were already in place and what they were being used for. We spoke to a number of software suppliers on their behalf with a signed off list of requirements and nice to have features.

We then went to our Partners at Shopify to discuss the best practices that we could implement for them along with additional functionality outside of what was offered as the normal.

The solution that has been implemented allows for a smooth and uncomplicated flow of information that means that the customers get their shoes without any worry.

Shopify Plus runs the website and wholesale solution which also runs a multi currency offering for their international stockists. The commerce platform links seamlessly with TradeGecko which manages the inventory and purchasing of stock and allows them to have Third Party Fulfillment outside of the UK for international orders.

TradeGecko links

TradeGecko links into Xero for invoicing and accounting purposes. Shopify Plus is linked to Shipstation to manage the UK based ordering that is handled within the UK warehouse. Shipstation also allows customers to track their shipping status through a seamless interface with Shopify Plus.

Next stage

The next stage for the company will be to move to a fully integrated ERP system which will manage the whole flow of information through a single interface.