Should You Consider Posting Ads on Facebook for Your Business?


Social media marketing is no longer an option for small to medium-size businesses.

If you’re not on Facebook, your business doesn’t exist to many of your potential customers. This alone means you should be posting ads on Facebook.

Whether it’s money or know-how holding you back, every day you don’t run a Facebook ad is a day you’re missing out on customers.

So whether you love or hate social media, at the end of the day, your business won’t meet its full potential without posting ads on Facebook.

What Facebook Ads Do

They may seem esoteric, but Facebook ads are easy to use even for the most reluctant Luddites among us.

Unlike your Facebook page, ads are contextual, which means they appear to users when they are triggered by a certain data. These triggers might include a user’s:

  • Demographics
  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Search history
  • Friends

That means you don’t have to wait for a customer to find you through shares, likes, posts, or an organic search. You can go right to them.

More importantly, Facebook Ads lets you target the customers you want, so you don’t need to reach out to people who aren’t interested in your business to snag a few potential sales.

Plus, Facebook ads are paid-per-click (PPC).

That means you’ll only pay for the ad when someone clicks on it.

Pros and Cons of Facebook Ads for Businesses

Like any form of advertising, there are both pros and cons to Facebook PPC ads.

The pros are that it’s incredibly affordable – you set your own budget.

It’s also easy to set up and comes with some analytics to measure how well you’re doing.

Plus, there are many, many articles and sites available to help you get started – for free.

The downsides do exist. If you’re a novice Facebook user, you may waste your money on ads that don’t convert. Success depends on knowing how to target Facebook users.

You’ll also spend time measuring, re-tooling, and re-targeting your ads. Facebook Ads aren’t a fix-it-and-forget-it option.

Read This Before You Post Your First Ad

Facebook ads are a powerful tool whether you have a $40 or a $40 million advertising budget.

Writing great copy and finding the right photos are a good start, but these things don’t make good ads on their own.

To help you get started, Small Business Trends put together a brief guide to helping your Facebook campaigns succeed the first time around.

Among other things, they suggest reading Facebook’s Ad Guidelines before even getting started with your campaign.

By following these guidelines, you’ll be up-to-date with what Facebook users want (according to Facebook) and you’ll prevent your ads from being removed for rule violations.

We recommend Facebook’s own guidelines as your first port of call before even beginning to think about copy or photos because it will help guide your strategy.

Is Posting Ads on Facebook Right for Your Business?

Yes, you should be posting ads on Facebook. If you haven’t started yet – don’t worry. Today is always the best time to start maximizing your Facebook experience.

Have you thought about Facebook Ads but haven’t pulled the trigger? What’s stopping you?

Let us know in the comments below.