So We Started A Podcast

Digital Marketing Confessions Podcast

So a few months ago we took the dive into Podcasting! Yes, after all this time of screaming at our clients about getting themselves out there and making sure they are promoting themselves in every way possible, we are finally doing it ourselves in a way that will help, guide and educate.

What better way to do this than to start a Podcast where we invite the amazing minds of digital marketing to come and give advice on what to do in the world of Digital Marketing.

We have a simple format, incredible guests, introduce them and their businesses, then we ask them two simple questions:

  1. What isn’t working in the world of digital marketing right now?
  2. What IS working in the world of digital marketing right now?

The idea behind the whole podcast is to give you the most up to date accurate hints and tips on the stuff that is working right now in the world of digital.

In Episode One We Speak To Sherman Hu

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