I have woken today to the sad news that Andy Jenkins has sadly passed away.

For many of you, you won’t know who Andy is, for the rest of us he is a legend, mentor and all-round nice guy.

I first came across Andy a few years before StomperNet started. He had released a video series on creating a Yahoo store, I remember sitting in my apartment with a slow internet connection patiently waiting for the next video to load so I could replicate with my bonsai trees, exactly what the guy with the huge medieval swords was doing.

In 2007  I was sitting in the audience of StomperNet live, watching intently as the latest internet marketing techniques were explained and hundreds of internet marketers were scribbling furiously so as not to miss a beat. The event itself was inspiring but Andy’s energy and larger than life persona was something very special.

A year later, and having exchanged numerous forum posts, comments and emails with Andy, I arrived in Atlanta at StomperNet Live 8. On arrival at the check in to collect my badge this booming voice said: “I’ve got this one!” Around 5 hours later, a little worse for wear and my mind racing from a Jenkins Brain Dump I felt like I could take on anything.

During the next few days I was lucky enough not just to have several in-depth conversations with Andy on numerous subjects from politics, internet marketing and why in America they call it Football when it’s just a glorified game of catch, but to share in the genius and ideas that just became ‘you could do that…’

The one conversation that has and will always stick with me was the one where he explained his involvement in Haxan films. For those that don’t know Haxan we’re responsible for a few Horror movies, one, in particular, was The Blair Witch Project and how he used the internet to create a frenzy about the mythical monster before the film was finished.

I’m sad to say I hadn’t spoken with Andy for a very long time, but I always stayed up to date on his latest projects and news through various channels. Andy was a true character and I for one feel extremely lucky to have known him. To the man who made a story about a potato chip a belly achingly funny story thank you. My thoughts are with his family and friends.