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5 Free Plugins All WordPress Users Should Have

WordPress is the most popular and effective source for creating websites for your business. However, WordPress is not all-encompassing when it comes to designing your website. Luckily there are plugins, lots of plugins, to choose from to help create the best website possible for our budding business. Below are three of the best free plugins…

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Why You Need to Use Smart Web Design to Increase SEO Benefits

When trying to increase SEO benefits, most businesses try many different things. These include implementing keywords, link building, being active on social media, and more. Unfortunately, web design is often overlooked. But it’s one of the best ways to increase your SEO benefits and improve customer experience. How Better Web Design Increases SEO Benefits Your…

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Big Buck Bunny in the house!!!

When we were looking for design ideas for this site we came across some methods of having video included in the site that we were very excited about. Whenever we come across something funky we are officially like kids with new toys. Hence this site was put together pretty quick using the new methods that…

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